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Suggestion Preview window in new tab

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    Stephen Tashi

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    Using my old version of Firefox in my old version of Fedora linux, I don't get the "open in new tab" option when I right click on the "preview" option in the post editor. It would convenient to see the preview of the old version of a post in one window while editing the new version in another.

    I agree that this feature could get confusing if clicking preview again in the editor didn't revise or close the window the window that had the previous preview.
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    Good idea to open the reply in a new tab, especially for answers to longer posts. But I don't think it is appropriate for previews due to the reload problematic you already mentioned. And it's a little bit inconvenient to switch tabs while writing something. If I compare the software to the many platforms I've met throughout the years, I'll have to say that it is extraordinary good, in handling as well as in layout.
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