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Pricing USB flash drives

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    So I need to pick up a few of these for school. The prices on 4GB range from $30 USD-100+ depending on the brand.

    All I am doing is storing data like .pdf .ps .doc and maybe some pics/video lectures.

    Doe the brand really matter if I am not doing anything that requires 'lightning speed' or needs to take a beating?

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    Hi Ho!

    I don't think the brand really matters if you are not going to do those things.
    Moreover, you still have to do regular back-ups on your data in your USB disk; no matter how good the thing is. Just to avoid the worst thing of losing your data.

    For your information, I have had my USB disk (Nexus, 128 MB) for three years now, I actively use it, and it still works fine.

    Best regards,
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    Well just flash drives that are USB 2.0. Well actually all drives on the market are 2.0. If you're looking for tough, the CORSAIR Flash Voyager is a pretty good buy.

    Don't waste your money and purchase a 4GB drive thats $100+. You can get a CORSAIR Flash Voyager 8GB for about $60 or a 16GB for $120.

    The ScanDisk - Cruzer is also a good buy.

    Newegg has some great deals on flash drives right now.
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    Sweet info. Thanks guys. BTW B. Elliot, you have to back up your USB's? What is the process? I thought that the USB's were more or less the back up. Is this just in case I LOSE or break the USB? Or do these things fail a lot?

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    They can fail sometimes, pretty rare but it helps to have an occasional backup of all your stuff. A lost flash drive can set you back quite far if you have important stuff on it. In my case, I've only ever had one fail on me, a 64MB Kingston drive a few years back. They're reliable as long as you don't pound them.
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    They can either be the backup themselves or just another storage media... whatever you want really. when you plug one into a USB port it almost immediately shows up as a removable device under [My Computer] if your using Windows. You just drag and drop files and programs to it. I haven't had a USB drive fail yet. In fact I still have my 8MB flashdrive from when it was brand new. Now that i think about it, I don't personally know of anyone that's had one fail, save for some type of physical damage.. ie; dropping it into a pool or crushing it. They're pretty hardy.
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    If you're using the flash drive as a primary storage device, then you'd want to create a backup. Its pretty amazing how easy it is to lose these damn things. I made this mistake once towards the end of the semester and lost all my papers. It'll never happen again thats for sure. You probably won't have to worry about them failing. Flash based memory devices are durable and can take quite a pounding. But hey, you never know. Maybe a backup for your backup?
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    Or put them through the laundry, but most survive after being rinsed in clean water and left to dry.
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    I love my 1gb. Use it to download programs for my comp at home when im at school(dial up at home, highspeed at school) I forget the brand, but its pretty tough. They're not that hard to keep track of if you just use the lanyard that most come with.
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    I've used the MS Briefcase function for years to keep my flash drives backed up. It has in fact saved me on a couple of occasions.

    I have not yet tried this, but my understanding is that the newer MS SyncToy is the way to go now.
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    A friend of mine picked up a 4GB Corsair Survivor a few weeks ago and so far it's been a good unit. $39.99 from Newegg, but they're currently out of stock. Water proof (not just resistant) up to 200m and with a 10year limited warranty. If it manages to survive this guy longer than three months, it's a good drive.:biggrin:

    http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/survivor_hero.jpg [Broken]
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    I made the mistake of buying the 8GB CORSAIR Flash Voyager GT last week which had outstanding performance in magazines last year (28 mb/s write). But they've changed the spec now and it writes at a disappointing 13 mb/s, while still being priced as expensive as before (110 euros). Those crooks produced some units with expensive flash, got a good reputation for them, and replaced the memory with something cheaper. They even admit it in their site! ("flash memory pricing went up, so it was downgraded"). Stay away from this usb flash.

    Can anyone recommend a usb flash drive that reaches such good performance as 28 mb/s write?
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