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Prime ideal (x) in k[x,y]

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    Example (2) on page 682 of Dummit and Foote reads as follows:


    (2) For any field k, the ideal (x) in k[x,y] is primary since it is a prime ideal.

    ... ... etc


    Now if (x) is prime then obviously (x) is primary BUT ....

    How do we show that (x) is prime in k[x, y]?

    Would appreciate some help

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    Use the first isomorphism theorem to show that ##k[X,Y]/(X)## is an integral domain. The right function is the evaluation in ##0##:

    [tex]k[X,Y]\rightarrow k[Y]:P(X,Y)\rightarrow P(0,Y)[/tex]
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    Thanks for the help, r136a1

    Just checking and reflecting on the use of the First Isomorphism Theorem

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