Prince Harry's Nazi uniform

  1. The 3rd in line to the English throne, prince Harry, has caused an outcry by wearing a nazi uniform to a fancy dress party. (He is going away to Sandhurst to train as an army officer in May, perhaps there is a connection?).
    He is a known prankster, but is this just a harmless bit of fun?
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  3. Forget about the uniform. I just want to know from a reliable source (you? :eek: ) whether he is, you know, a bastard son.
  4. Nah, I've never heard any rumours of that kind, but its not the kind of thing I'd take a lot of notice of if I did hear it.
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    There's a supermarket tabloid that had asserted he wasn't Charles' son. But those rags, excepting the Enquirer, are totally without cred.
  6. You're not thinking of Harry Potter, are you? He's a right annoying little b******, and no mistake.
  7. I heard he was 12th.

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    P.S. It was a harmless bit off fun and the media invaded his private life. It may not have been the right thing to do by any stretch of the imagination but we as the public should not judge when we do not like being judged ourselves.
  8. Once again the media has blown everything out of proportion. Who cares if he dressed as a Nazi? Nazis are a part of history. Would there be the same outcry if one of the Bush daughters dressed as a confederate soldier? It was a sh$tty costume anyway.
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    A confederate soldier's uniform isn't in the same league as a Nazi uniform. I'm sure this was just a prank, but it was idiotic at best.
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    It's a little different. The confederates didn't have a lot of hate behind them the way the nazis did. Wearing a nazi uniform would be a little bit more like wearing a KKK uniform.

    Anyway, I don't think it's a big deal. He probably just went a little too far with a joke. The media would cut him just as bad if he dresses as an abortion doctor for halloween - basically just medical clothes, rubber gloves, and a coat hanger :tongue:

  11. Actually if you look objectivelly at Harry, he does not look either like long nosed Diana or that red pumpkin Charles.Instead he looks exactly like that Hewitt fella,hmmm... :confused: what gives ?good night :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
  12. Remember when anemia was the only sign of royal inbreeding? Now we have diminished mental facilities. Wearing that costume was, in my opinion, one of the stupidest moves I've ever seen. Even I put more thought into something before I do it.

    "If I'd known you were coming I'd a baked a kike"~A. Hitler
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    It makes you wonder what the royal advisors do all day.
  14. "They keep the sun out of my eyes" said the young prince goofily.
    "No, your highness, royal ADvisors, not royal Visors." corrected the tabloid reporter.
    "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" replied the prince.
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    Perhaps you mean hemophilia ? :smile:

    Royal pedigree is an anachronism. I would much rather the whole thing be done away with.
  17. If i don't get at least one lol on that one I'm gonna throw a fit. Or was it just one of those stupid things that makes me laugh out loud and everyone else roll their eyes?
  18. lol!

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    LOL :rolleyes:

    There. Now you have TWO of them!!11
  20. :rolleyes: *rollseyes* :rolleyes:

  21. This article doesn't even deserve to be in the media, it's so pointless, why do all you anglophones get so upset every time nazi's come up. So what? Someone can dress as an axe murderer and get away with it but a swastika on your shoulder and your branded for life.

    ****** Westerners
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