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Princes and paupers

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    Is there any justice, or process of equalization, between those who lead a charmed life and those who live to suffer?

    Compare the most immaculate being in the universe with a virtual Job. Are all life forms eventually the same despite that some seem damned and others blessed, that some exist for a moment and others eons, that some remain terribly isolated yet others never experience solitude?

    Think of the extremes in the physical universe and relate them to the variety of cosmological individuals, respecting ourselves. What biota then should escape our self-similar reflection?
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    Justice does not apply, balance is the rule, though not necessarily observable day to day. Each case has the same task, which is to find the still point of the moving universe, and realize that things are all the same, either high or low. Without that point, neither the high or the low has depth.

    The Buddhist masters discuss that everything is pain. I think that was a bad translation, what they really said, is that everything is the same. It is all a product of the perceptual abilities of the central nervous system. This system is a tool we are given with which to perceive the world at large, while protecting the tool from harm, as it is useful. We forget that it is only a tool, and that we can tune our perceptions, and use the tool as we will. Some of us came to a poor window, and some of us came to a grand window, the window still needs to be kept clean if we are to see out of it. Even if we could see only a square yard of this world, if we saw it well, then we have taken on the task appropriately. If we don't look, then we certainly won't see. If we don't reach, we certainly won't grasp. This applies to every prince and every pauper. There are opportunities even in garbage dumps, even in country clubs.

    I bookmarked that site, and I will read it all.
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