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Homework Help: Principal stresses help ?

  1. May 12, 2007 #1
    Principal stresses help plz?

    I am looking through past paper examinations and have come a across a question:

    At a certain critical point in a stressed component, calculations show that the stresses are sigma(x) = 220MPa sigma(y) = -95MPa and shear = 60MPa

    Find the maximum and minimum direct stresses (principal stresses) in the component at that point?

    How do i go about this problem?

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    Well, do you know any related formulae? To be more specific, there is exactly one formula you need to apply.
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    Ah yes i think I have a solution to this problem now using the general formula for plane stresses.

    There is a second part to the question where it now asks to find the angle which the maximum stresses make with the direction sigma(x)?

    Does this involve the 2D Mohr Circle?
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    You can simply use tg(2A) = Txy / (Nx - Ny), where A is the angle of the principal stress, Nx and Ny are normal stresses and Txy is the shear stress.

    Have on mind that tg2(A + Pi/2) = tg(2A).
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