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Principia Mathematica

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    "Principia Mathematica"

    Hi- I was wanting to know about the best translation of Newton's, "Principia" series. I want all three volumes, anyone who has read/bought these please inform me about it. Thanks.
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    Why, are you a languist?
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    I have an edition of Cajori's translation, which is maybe not the best, but was cheap. It's not like Newton's text is poetry or anything.

    You might be looking for scholarly apparatus - notes, prefatory esays and so on to make the reading easier, but I'm fraid I don't know of any edition like that.
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    Ok thanks. Sorry- I didn't mean translation in another language, only to English from Latin/Olde English styles. I have looked at the Motte translation of Principia , but I still find it to be too difficult to read, I guess I should should start with something more simple brfore treading through his masterpiece..
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