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Principle of Hydraulics

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    We are thinking of making a project on Hydraulic manual log splitter.

    But the problem is we dont know much about hydraulic principles and stuff.....
    could somebody provide me with the link of complete tutorial for manual hydraulic machines.

    We wish to make it hand or foot operated using lever.....but how to do that we have many doubts.

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    I hope you are tying to split small logs. My purchased log splitter uses upwards of 20 tons of force to split logs.

    Anyways, you can just look at simple force vs area calculations.

    For example,

    Pressure = force/area

    Say you have a 3 inch diameter piston and you are planning to move a 3 inch diameter piston by providing force on the 1 inch diameter piston.

    The area of the 1 inch piston is simply (1^2*(3.141592))/4 = 0.7854 square inches.

    In a similar fashion the 3 inch piston is 7.0686 square inches.

    Now with a force on the 1 inch piston of 10 lbs will create a pressure of 12.73 psi.

    Using a simple ratio of pressure on the 1 inch piston to the 3 inch piston the resulting force on the 3 inch pistion is 90 lbs. That is 9 times higher then the initial force of 10 lbs on the 1 inch piston.

    Another example, is a car jack. You provide a small force on the small piston and the larger piston provides a large force that easily lifts the car upwards.

    Hope that helps.

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    I know the Pascal law.....I want to know how hydraulics work and how to change the direction of motion

    Like I am pulling the lever and the piston is moving forward. How to realize that?
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    So you are looking for information on the hydaulic ram, pump, flow diverter flow, and other log splitter components?

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    yes sir I am looking for this info.
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