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Principle of manometer

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1
    please explain the principle and working of a normal U-tube manometer
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    Did you find a perfect answer to your "charging a capacitor" problem first?
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    yes,i referred to my friend..i got to know that..it was easy when he explained how it was charged practically and discharging also..but can u answer me this question,why its used and principle?
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    Hi there,

    A U-tube manometer is used to measure gas pressure inside an environment. The environment connected to one side of the manometer will push the liquid down, forcing the other side to lift. From the height difference between the two sides, you can measure the pressure compared to atmospheric pressure (on that particuliar moment).

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    Explain it under the "charging a capacitor" head then.
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    and explain achimedes principle
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    What is the context of your questoin? Is it for schoolwork? Are you supposed to turn in a write-up of how it works? Did you try searching about it at wikipedia.org?
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