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Principle of Torque Meter

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    I am going to measure the torque output of an diesel engine @ various RPM to understand the resistance of the gearbox connected.

    I wonder is there any guides for Torque meter DIY and the basic principle of a torque meter that can measure RPM + torque.

    Thanks in advence.
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    Start reading through manufacturer's web sites. They are usually a wealth of information. Companies like LeBow are good starts. You also have to decide if you want a rotating or reaction meter. It sounds like you want a rotating one. All of the ones I have ever used did not have a speed signal output. That was measured separately.

    They mostly operate on the idea of angle of twist of a shft inducing a phase change between separate windings.

    Here's a good explanation of how the to torquemeters on the CH-47's engines (the T-55-L-712 in my day) works. Go down to the "Torquemeter Indicating System" section:

    Here's a start:

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