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Plasma Principles of Plasma Physics for Engineers & Scientists,Inan,Gołkowski

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  1. Mar 10, 2013 #1


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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Single particle motion
    3. Kinetic theory of plasmas
    4. Moments of the Boltzmann equation
    5. Multiple fluid theory of plasmas
    6. Single fluid theory of plasmas: magnetohydrodynamics
    7. Collisions and plasma conductivity
    8. Plasma diffusion
    9. Introduction to waves in plasmas
    10. Waves in cold magnetized plasmas
    11. Effects of collisions, ions and finite temperature on waves in magnetized plasmas
    12. Waves in hot plasmas
    13. Plasma sheath and the Langmuir probe
    Appendix A. Derivation of second moment of the Boltzmann equation
    Appendix B. Useful vector identities.

    Publisher's webpage - http://www.cambridge.org/us/knowledge/isbn/item5687708/?
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