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Printer misbehaving

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    My printer acted quite oddly, recently.
    I don't know why my printer always prints from the last page to the first page. For example, I tell it to print me pages from 1 - 50 of some document, and it always does the reverse, it prints from page 50 back to 1 :confused: :frown:
    Is it time for me to change my printer, or have I done something wrong? How can I fix it?
    I am using Win XP SP2.
    Thanks, :smile:
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    That's normally a good thing. Printing page #50 first means it's on the bottom of the stack, where it should be.

    Anytime you select "print" from a program, you should be able to configure how you're printing from that popup display.
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    you WANT to resort the output?
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    If you're printing a pdf, you can reverse the order in which you print a document. There is a check box for that very purpose.
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    Thanks a lot for your input, guys.
    I think I've solved the problem. :)
    Why didn't I see that check box before!!! :grumpy:
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    That would depend on the printer. For example, with my inkjet printer, that would be true...all the pages get spit out face up, so printing the last page first means they end up in order when the job is done. But, with my laserjet, they come out face down, so you would want page 1 to print first so they are in order. And, then there are the times when I'm printing something on the inkjet and get impatient and want to start reading before everything is done printing, so in a situation like that, you'd still want page 1 to print first even if it would normally result in the pages out of order in the stack, because you're not leaving them in the stack anyway.
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