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Printers and 2 networks

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    Howdy everyone.
    So here's the issue.
    My work laptop spans 2 networks.
    Wired its connected to my test network (that I control)
    It is setup to be 10.5.1.X
    The router also connects into the main network so my various devices can download updates and what not.

    My Laptop also connected Wirelessly to the main network (don't control)

    The issue I have is Windows isn't smart enough to realise that a printer at 10.22.1.something should be talked to via the wireless adaptor, and anytime I want to print something I have to unplug the Ethernet cable to the main network.

    Any ideas on how I can resolve this to not be a pain in the ass??
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    I have seen something similar when the private network (10.5.1.X) has a default gateway or dns set. If those are set you need to blank out the values.

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    Well, you have defined two different routes to the printer (one wireless and one wired). Don't blame Windows for being confused, your setup is not according to IP standards. In short, two different routes to the same device is not allowed. If there is, something called a spanning tree is created, which means that one of the routes is kept and the other is blocked. This is not something Windows does, it happens "in the network".
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