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Printers on UNIX

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    Is there a way to look up the names of printers hooked up to a particular server? I'm trying to print some of my old homework assignments that I accessed using SSH. The OS is UNIX Sys. V.
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    Well, since you're using AT&T Unix System V, printing is done via the 'LPD' daemon. The standard nowadays is to store printer configuration(s) in /etc/printers.conf. I can't say much for the standard then, but give it a try.

    Edit: I take it you're using AT&T Unix System V, but you mentionted SSH. Can you specify the exact Unix you're using?
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    you can just do:

    lpstat -v

    This will show all the printers and what devices they are attached to.

    I would read the manual for lpstat since there are a bunch of options
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