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Printing a Textbook

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    OK I have a need to print a textbook out, mainly because I cannot locate it for cheap anywhere. It is 690 pages and would just need to be spiral bound or something. It doesn't have to be fancy paper or anything crazy, just black and white, double sided, the normal stuff.

    I was thinking maybe I would go to the UPS store, only because there's one right in town and it'd be very convenient. I just need some options for pricing, because it's really not worth it if its more than $50. So.... anyone with experience in doing this, if you could just relay what you had done and how much it cost, that would be fantastic. Thanks
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    You have an electronic copy of a non-copyrighted book? It would be illegal to reproduce a copyrighted book.
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    printing it anywhere other than on your own laser printer will cost so much money. get a used b&w laser printer.
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    Yes, please respect the copyright on the book, if applicable. Remember that you are likely to write a book or produce some music in your future, and you will want to be compensated honestly by your fans and users for that.

    The Kinkos and other reproduction stores that I use for various tasks are generally very responsible about checking copyright isses on the work that they take on. What is the copyright situation for the copy that you want to make?

    Also, if the work is copyrighted and you are short on money, look around for a used copy of the book. Have you checked e-Bay?
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    Alright, I understand the copyright stuff, and I will look into that. I checked E-Bay and thats not an option, and I can't find a cheap, used copy from any of my regular sites. But does anyone have a specific pricing?
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    www.cheapbooks.com , look up the isbn on amazon first

    personally i think intellectual property is an oxymoron
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    I don't think he is going to be making any money off selling a production or copy of the book that someone(s) else is responsible for producing.
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    How is the author going to be compensated if he buys a used copy of the book?

    Also, the OP didn't explain why he needed a copy of the book. Do you need the actual book, or do you just need information from the book. The library would be an option, especially if you only need to read parts of the book.
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    I think Berkeman was just explaining that copyright laws are intended to protect the author from illegal reproduction of their work.
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    copyright laws don't follow selling a used book (or cd's, etc.)

    What's the name of the book, author, year (edition), publisher, and language?
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    It's Apostol Volume I. I found one used online, and I'm settling for that.
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    Get the entire apostol set in paperback for $30 on ebay or get just vol.1 for $15, it's paperback, but the text is the same and I doubt your printer can spit out a hard cover anyway ;-). Anyways, just ink and paper would come to about $15 for a 600+ pg book, even if it's only b&w. (oops I see this is what you already chose to do. Good :-) :redface:
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    I have mixed feelings on copyright. On the one hand, it's definitely necessary to encourage creativity. On the other, copyright terms are far too long. 70 years past the death of the author? No way: it shouldn't last a day past the author's death. Sorry, but someone's great-great-grandchildren shouldn't get to profit from something that they wrote when they were 25.
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