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Printing array of char to string in MIPS

  1. Nov 10, 2008 #1
    I am trying to mimic the function below in MIPS:

    extern void print_int(int x);
    extern void print_string(char x[]);

    char y[1];

    void main(void) {
    char y[1];
    y[0] = 'a';
    y[1] = '\0';

    and my MIPS code for the above C code is below

    can someone tell me why when I try to run this in spim it fails. It generates this error:

    Memory address out of bounds

    As far as I know I am already passing the address of y, which is an array of char terminated by a null string at the end. But why this error? How do I fix this?

    Code (Text):

        .globl main
                # Function Entry
        sw $ra,-20($sp)
        sw $fp,-24($sp)
        add  $fp, $zero, $sp
        subu $sp, $sp, 24
                # MOVE
        add $t0,$zero,0
        sw  $t0,-8($fp)
                # MOVE
        add $t0,$zero,97
        lw  $t1,-8($fp)
        add  $t2,$zero,-2
        add $t1,$t2,$t1
        add $t1,$fp,$t1
        sb  $t0,($t1)
                # MOVE
        add $t0,$zero,1
        sw  $t0,-12($fp)
                # MOVE
        add $t0,$zero,0
        lw  $t1,-12($fp)
        add  $t2,$zero,-2
        add $t1,$t2,$t1
        add $t1,$fp,$t1
        sb  $t0,($t1)
                # MOVE
        lw  $t0,-4($fp)
        add  $t1,$zero,-2
        add $t0,$t0,$t1
        add $t0,$fp,$t0
        lb  $t1,($t0)
        sw $t1,-16($fp)
                # PARAM
        lw  $t0,-16($fp)
        sub $sp,$sp,4
        sw $t0, ($sp)
                # PARAM in REG0
        lw  $a0,-16($fp)
                # PARAM in REG1
        lw  $a1,-16($fp)
                # Function call
        jal print_string
        add $sp,$sp,4
                # Function Ends
                # Exit Sequence
        lw $ra,-20($fp)
        add  $sp, $zero, $fp
        lw $fp,-24($fp)
        jal $ra
        li $v0,1
        lw $a0, 0($sp)
        jr $ra
        li $v0,4
        lw $a0, 0($sp)
        jr $ra
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