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Printing Matlab figure as Eps

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    Dear all,

    I generate some matlab figures that I want to print as eps. The figures look fine in the .fig format. When I open the eps, there is a problem. Wherever there is a vertical line (or part of function) the line shows tiny saw-teeth. I would like to attach I file but it seems one can't attach .eps here. Any idea?

    The problem doesn't care whether I use
    print -depsc './test.eps';
    or the figure menu.

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    I remember that I had a similar problem. I am not sure but I thought that this problem only appears with an older Matlab in Windows. If you have the possibility to access Matlab in Linux try this. On the other hand I have the new Matlab 2012a under Windows. If you send me the .fig I can check what will happen when converting to eps
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    Thank you, unstable. I am using Linux. Release 2010b. How can I send you the .fig file?

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    Actually, after clicking on "new reply" (left somewhere) not "quick reply" you should be able to upload / attach files.
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