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Homework Help: Prism Refractions

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    Light of wavelength 700 nm is incident on the face of a fused quartz prism at an angle of 61.0 degrees (with respect to the normal to the surface). The apex angle of the prism is 60.0 degrees. Using the n value of 1.46, find:
    (a) the angle of refraction at the surface
    > I did this and figured it out to be 36.8 degrees
    (b) the angle of incidence at the second surface
    (c) the angle of refraction at the second surface
    (d) the angle between the incident and emerging rays

    I knew how to figure out part a using Snell's Law, but now I'm lost on parts b-d. Although I think for part d I would just need to know the numbers from b and c? Can someone walk me through this using small words? Im very lost... :surprised
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    Do you have a diagram? You should be able to figure out b using trigonometry, then c is Snell again, and d should be easy.
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    Draw a ray diagram for your self. Things will be clear. All you have to use is some geometry and snell's Law.
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