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Prisoner's Choices

  1. Sep 18, 2006 #1
    Prisoner's Choices, also from M$ interview

    5 prisoners are going to be executed. But they've got a chance to survive. They are ordered to grab beans in turn from a bag which contains 100 beans. They are not allowed to talk but they'll know how many beans left when they grab. Those who got the maximum and the minimum numbers of beans will be executed, and others, if there's any, will be set free. Who has the most chance to survive?

    1. If there are two (or more) prisoners who both got the maximum/minimum number, both of them will be executed;
    2. All prisoners are smart but mean guys, they'll try seeking for their lives but try to kill others as they can;
    3. Each must take at least 1 bean, and the last prisoner need not to take all the rest;
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