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Pro-E driver question

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    Hopefully someone here can help me... I'm almost at my wit's end

    I'm trying to build a driver for a pin connection in an assembly so that I can restrict the range of motion and make an animation

    When I select the connection, the default positive angle direction is not the way that I want it. I hit the 'flip' option, and it flips the positive direction, but then when I go into the 'select zero' menu, it acts as if the positive direction is the default. Since I want to define the range of motion, whatever I select ends up as allowing everything other than what I want.

    It's driving (no pun intended) me crazy.

    Attached is the picture. Basically, I want the long bar to extend outward (to the right).

    If it makes a difference, I'm using v2001 student.

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    Nevermind... I figured it out.

    Stupid ackwards bassed software...
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    how did u do that
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    How did you find those six-year-old posts???
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