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Pro Eng wildfire

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    now that i am in eng school, i'm learning to draft and to do it in pro eng autocad, in my opinion both remarkable programs its amazing, anyways i wanted to know engineers thoughts on those programs, advantages disadvantages of both, and how they compare in your eyes
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    It depends on what you're designing.

    Pro-Engineer is used for design of parts and mechanisms.

    AutoCAD is used for building and civil designs (and other large scale projects)

    I also find that AutoCAD is easier to do space planning for big assemblies, but don't waste your time doing anything 3-d in it.
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    'solid edge' is also a great intuitive solid modelling program

    whatever you do, try to stay away from 'ideas'.. and if you have to use it.. use the unix based version (it'll still make your brain bleed)

    pro eng W is prolly one of the best.. especially since you have all the analysis tools built right into it and at least, i think, integrated quite well
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    As Falcon, I use Solid Edge for 3D, and AutoCAD for 2D.

    To say the truth, I had a lot of headaches trying to learn how the hell AutoCAD works. It seems to be alive!. :surprised
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