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Pro German People in College

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    I've been at my university for three years and the first two of which I had never run across the pro-german youth movements that I did in my third year. I am not sure why but according to a small minority of people everything german is just better; pencils, rulers, paper, cars, music, etc. I tolerate this but I do not know why this feeling is at my (American) university. Anyone else heard of this Zeitgeist movie?
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    Eh, wouldn't pay it anymore attention than those who are pro-Jewish or pro-African, pro-Irish, pro-Spanish, ect, ect.
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    Dude, I know this German guy. He was exchanged for a friend of mine. We call him [Friend's name] 2.0

    He's on the rowing team, a physics/engineering major, blond hair blue eyes. Man, he's just so much better than me.
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    Math Is Hard

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Are these people part of the industrial music crowd or something?
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    Ewww, techno.
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    Zeitgeist and Pro Germans are not really related dude except the fact that the title is german for like time spirit or something like that.
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