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News Pro hunter Kerry bags a goose

  1. Oct 21, 2004 #1
    Legendary outdoorsman John Kerry today has borrowed a camouflauge coat and successfully slain an elusive goose with a 12-gage shotgun.

    The goose ranks as the worlds most difficult to kill creature, and voters should stand in awe of his transendental hunting ability.
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    Too funny! But is it "slain" or "slew"?
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    I heard a hunter talking about the video of him coming out holding the "goose."

    Suppopsedly it was too dark in color to be a goose, and more like a crow.

    At least that's what he said, though he was a conservative.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Present tense, slay, Past test, slew. Past participle, slain.

    Kerry said, "I shall slay the goose."

    Kerry slew the goose.

    The goose was slain by Kerry.
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    Let me preface this with: I know little about hunting, so perhaps my observations are wrong, and hunters out there can confirm or refute them.

    Also let me say: Regardless whom you support, I think it's fair to say that this was a political stunt on Kerry's part, given the timing. One which may hurt him as much if not more than it helped him.

    On the front page of the New York Times was a photo of the great hunters (3). Here are some observations I made from that photo, some of which have also been commented on by others:

    1. John Kerry's camoflaged coat didn't fit correctly. The sleeves came down almost to his fingertips.

    2. While the other two in the photo were wearing camoflage pants which matched their jackets, Kerry's pants did not, but instead were solid dark brownish-green, and looked like khakis.

    3. Kerry was not carrying a goose, while the other two were (and supposedly he bagged one).

    Based on 1 and 2 and a lilttle deduction, I think he bought or borrowed the jacket off of someone so there wouldn't be a record of him buying it at the last minute for the stunt.
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    The man went hunting. What's the big deal? I'm going to go to the bathroom, and buy toilet paper at the last minute. Shame on me.
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    Both politicians are pulling political stunts, this just happens to be the topic of this one.

    Bush's are the "he'll say or da anything." Those are his stunts.

    It sounds too much like Ed Shultz rules, just a bunch of rhetoric.
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    Very accurate interpertation of our current president's accent. Yes, I'm serious. :cool:
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