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Probability and confidence level

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    frequentistic probability and confidence level

    I have three variables,
    2.confidence level(or interval) and
    is there a formula that include all these three variable?

    Frequentistic probability is interpreted as the frequency of qccurences of outcomes of stochastic experiments. Is there any formula for this?
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    b) the a posteriori definition of probability states that if an experiment
    posesses the property of statistic stability of relative frequences, then we
    define the probability of an outcome of an experiment A as a real number
    P(A) [tex]\in[/tex] [0, 1]. The relative frequences are of form
    [tex]\frac{n_{a}}{n}[/tex], where [tex]n[/tex] is the number of repetitions
    of the experiment we made, and [tex]n_{a}[/tex] is the number of outcomes A of the experiment which were of interest to us. For a big [tex]n[/tex],
    [tex]\frac{n_{a}}{n}[/tex] should gather around a real number P(A),
    which we call the probability of a outcome A. But, this definition of
    probability is mathematically inconsistent, because the relative frequences
    don't necessarily have to converge.
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