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Probability and If commands.

  1. Oct 25, 2011 #1

    I'm working on my first matlab script that I've worked on from scratch. I've never taken a course in matlab, the only experience I've had is to modify a couple of other scripts. I'm hoping to develop my matkab skills with a 'relatively' simple monte carlo model: a 2D Ising model.

    One part of my method is to take a binary array of zeros and ones, pick a 'random' element and switch the value from zero to one or vice versa. I've done this with a simple if/else command.

    if I==1
    else I=1;

    What I'd like to do is introduce a probability, so that the value flip will occur with a certain probability p. Is there anyway to add this into my if command or do I need tp try something more sophisticated?
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