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Probability and matlab.

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    Hello fellow electrical engineers!

    I have a course, theory of information. Among other things, we are taught to translate probability into matlab and test it out.

    Thing is, we don't have a lot to work from. I have to figure out myself how to calculate probability and test it out in matlab.

    I know some basics, rand, randn etc. But that is not enough.

    Can somebody point me to the right section of this forum, where I can ask questions like this.
    I posted some in homework sections, but its not homework. I need somebody with knowledge of MATLAB and probability functions, and probability in general in MATLAB.

    Thank you.
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    I assume you know the basics of probability. If you don't what's a random variable or a probability density function, you should study it.
    this link contains some examples of plotting pdfs using matlab:
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    I do, we do that. But translating that to matlab and all is giving me a headache. All those tests, experiments etc etc. I need a good source to tie that with matlab.

    But thanks for the link, I will check it out.
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