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Homework Help: Probability anyone?

  1. Dec 8, 2004 #1
    Can anyone tell me how I would solve this question:

    A bag contains 3 white balls and 2 black balls. The first draw produced a white ball. The first ball is not replaced. What is the probability that the second draw will produce another white ball?
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    You mean it's not put in the bag again.Okay...
    Hint:What was the probability of pulling a white ball in the beginning??What is the formula of probabilities??How would you go abot now...??

    Please,show me how you think.The purpose of this forum is to guide U solve the problem,not me..!!
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    Ok well i see the probability of drawing a white ball at the beginning as being 2/5
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    Might want to recheck your work.
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    How did u figure that out...??It's important to show your judgement,as well,since apparently it is to blame for erroneous results...
    Again...??What' the initial probability and why.......??????????
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    No, at the beginning the bag contained 5 balls, 3 of which were white.
    The probability of drawing a white ball, at the beginning was ?/5.

    However, your original question is different. After drawing a white ball out, the bag has 4 balls left, 2 of which are white. What is the probability of drawing a white ball now?
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    When simplified the probability now is 1/2.
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