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Prob/Stats Probability book

  1. Oct 30, 2017 #1
    Hello, I'm taking a course in Probability for which our only resource is our professor's notes but I find them somewhat hard to follow. He told us he wrote these notes because he could not find a book which contained all the topics we'll be doing, but I still hope someone here can help me find something suitable.
    Here's a short summary of the main topics I'll need to study:
    Large deviations
    Experimental data analysis(resampling methods, analysis of unknown distributions)
    Random walks
    Recurring events
    Time-dependent processes(Markov, Poisson, Birth and Death)
    Entropy(Shannon, Kolmogorov-Sinai)

    Our teacher's approach is quite heavy on the math; basic probability, complex and functional analysis are taken for granted so I'm not looking for an introductory probability book. Even if you don't know a unique book containing these topics, any particular recommendation will be appreciated, especially if it is written specifically for physics students.
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    Thank you, I'll be checking these out.
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