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Probability cards

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    Repeat 4 times the following experiment:

    We pull 3 cards from 3 normal decks (one sheet each), we note what some leaves pulled and repositioned every card in the deck from which we got.

    What is the probability that we will see for first time any sword card exactly the last time you do the experiment?

    N(Ω)= 52^12 and N(A)=39^9*(13^3+13^2*39+13*39^2) and i find this P(A)=N(A)/N(Ω)

    but i the result its not correct what is the right way to solve this?
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    Your statements are unclear, particularly the underlined words.
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    it means that we note what cards we pulled from the decks and the second word means a club card (not heart , diamond or spade)
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    Could you clarify the experiment. I understand the description of what you are doing, but the question is unclear.
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