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Probability Density Functions

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    Jill is expecting a vist from her uncle Tom. Tom would just come whenever he felt like it, but not when he had his art class. He will either visit her in the morning, or late afternoon, between the times of 9-12am or between 3-5pm. Say X is the number of hours after 7am, what would f(x) be and what would the sketch look like?

    I have this qeustion on my homework. There are other similar, but they don't have two time intervals, so i dont know what to do.

    I have draw the sketch of the probability density function as just two rectangles, between 2 and 5 and then between 8 and 10, with a height of 1/5. but im not sure if this is correct, should it be curved? i didnt think so, as the probabilities are equal for all.

    i'm stuck on the f(x) bit too.
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    You're right about the sketch, the proper name for it is the uniform distribution.

    When it asks for f(x), what it's asking for is the probability distribution function, where you define the graph for all values of x, for example;

    f(x) = 0 (for x < 0) , 1 (for 0 < x < 5), 0 (for x > 5)

    or something similar to that.
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