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Homework Help: Probability distribution

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    Could someone help me to find the probability distribution de XY below ?
    Take [tex] \Omega [/tex] to be a set of 5 real numbers. Define a probability measure and a random variable X on it which takes the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with probability [itex] \frac{1}{10}, \frac{1}{10}, \frac{1}{5}, \frac{1}{5}, \frac{2}{5}, [/itex] respectively; another random variable Y which takes the values [itex] \sqrt{2}, \sqrt{3}, \pi [/itex] with probabilities [itex] \frac{1}{5}, \frac{3}{10}, \frac{1}{2} [/itex]. Find the probability distribution of XY.
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    Well, where are you stuck? What have you done, and what do you think you need to do?
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    Just go ahead and do it! Since one possible value for x is 1 (with probability 1/10) and one possible value for y is [itex]\sqrt{2}[/itex] (with probability 1/5, one possible value for xy is [itex]1*\sqrt{2}= \sqrt{2}[/itex] with probability (1/10)(1/5)= 1/50. There are 15 possible values for xy. Calculate each of them.
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    Thank you, for help. One doubt, that I have, consists of knowing the best way to represent the probability distribution on this situation: for a graph or correspondence between points ???
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