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Homework Help: Probability Distributions

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    Hi all,

    I realise this is not directly a homework question but it is related to the year 12 applicable mathematics course and given the forum area is called "Homework & Coursework Questions" I assumed this was the place :)

    I have an in-class EPW (extended piece work or whatever you wanna call it) next week and all I know is that it is "the only part of the Applicable Mathematics course which is related to integration".
    I know nothing of the topic. Could somebody please point me in the right direction in terms of what I should be learning and perhaps some links.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    It's not clear to me what you are asking. What class is this? "Applicable Mathematics"? Do you have a textbook or other materials related to this? You posted this in the "Precalculus" section but integration is definitely calculus.
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    sorry, I should have been more specific i suppose ...

    I am doing Applicable Mathematics (year 12).
    My teacher said that the EPW was "the only area of applicable mathematics related to integration"

    I have the textbook "Applicable Mathematics - AJ Sadler"
    But I didnt want to have to learn the whole chapter (i am leaning towards it being continuous random variables - as a part of probability distributions)

    I was wondering if anyone was aware of any sites or information or anything that would help me.

    Is this clearer?
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    Gib Z

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    I know of the topic as Applied Mathematics, and you have to be joking that theres only one area of it related to integration, its quite largely applied in all sciences, but I think your best bet is Physics - a HUGE chunk of mechanics.
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    thankyou very much hallsofivy, greatly appreciated, just what i was lookin for :D
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