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Homework Help: Probability Distributions

  1. Oct 24, 2005 #1
    Basically, I'm having some difficulty grasping some of the concepts in probability.

    ..At first I was writing details of what my lecturer has given me, but really I can't make much sense of it and it'd be foolish to type it all out here.

    The jist of work is really just as follows; we've been doing basic work on different kinds of distributions: gaussian, poisson and discrete distributions (how the distributions arise and what they're good for etc) and the notes i'm following are pretty bad, i've got a basic physics textbook but its not really much help in this area since its really just maths and really what i'm asking is does anyone know where I can get some good notes on basic info about distributions and errors (uncorrelated error propagations etc..)?

    I've tried googling and i'm finding random stuff thats useful, but yeah.


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