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ok I hope nobody gets mad at me for asking about this but here goes:

So I've recently become pretty interested in probability, I'm wondering if there are any cool probability card game out there. I thinking of making my own (don't really know enough though probably) when I thought "I bet there are some really cool ones out there." I've been googling it for about an hour and haven't found anything good.
What I have in mind is not a simple game of chance that you can use probability in, but a game that is actually centered around probability.

So like on your turn you can decrease the probability of someone winning or increase your odds, combined with other strategy. Or something like that. Just something I have on my mind.


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Actually I find that a great many popular games involve probability, often fairly deep: blackjack, Risk, poker, and Magic: The Gathering, to name but four (in roughly increasing order of complexity).
There is the classic Monty Hall game...

Three doors. One with a good prize (new car) two with sheep (or goats if you prefer).
The player chooses a door and the host (Monty) knowing which of the other two doors is not the good door removes a bad door. He then gives the player the option of changing their choice to the only remaining door.

The probability that the first door chosen is good is 1/3. Meaning that the probability that one of the other two doors is good is 2/3. So the player is probably better off to always change his choice to get the benefit of the 2/3 probability.

It is easy to vary this game to use cards rather than doors. Sheep and goats are smelly...
You could also play the stock market and use stochastic tools to help you make money. Though anyone who uses these goes bankrupt for some reason (Black and Scholes :biggrin:)

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