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Probability of Existence

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    Hi everybody, I was wondering this:

    "What is the probability, given all the information (including scientific evidence and accepted theories), of having this existence (I'm not talking about life and conciousness) just right how it is?"

    I have no idea about any kind of research or study area focused in this problem.
    As my own interpretation, just intuitively, I though about that the first moments of our existence (or reality?) where dominated by Quantum Fluctuations, so maybe Quantum Mechanics could answer this question.
    Sorry for the lack of rigurosity of my interpretation, but I'm just an amateur by the moment.

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    The probability you describe is a very interesting quantity, which tells us basically how complete our description of the nature is.

    It is not calculable, however. For one thing, there is no accepted Theory of Everything, a basic theory of physics that is applicable to all situations. Even if there was one, it will probably still be impossible to do. Calculations for complex systems tend to be impossible for any but the shortest periods of time.
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    The probability that we're here asking the question is 1. If it didn't happen, the question could not be asked since there'd be no one to ask it. That's an anthropomorphic argument, but it's hard to refute. How could life on earth not have happened? Here we are.
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