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Probability of (geodesic) curvature configurations (in 4-D spacetime)

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    Fields of singular probabilities are inherent to quantum mechanics, but what method determines the statistics of curve segments like random geodesics bounded by definite black hole singularities, horizons or observers? Have Feynman path integrals been of use there, and if so, how?
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    Give it a try.
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    I cannot agree on a many of Have Feynman's theories - So-called curvature configurations have been alleged to have existed for many years now but they are grossly overrated, distorted and in fact non-existent. The curve is really a fallacy. For example if you were to walk from New Zealand to Japan (wearing thongles obviously) you would never notice that the world is curved and you know why? Simple answer is that it is NOT curved. The world is a series of straight lines with infinite intersections and multiple transcendental outcomes (refer Messel's " Schindler's Goat Constipation Theorem Flawed - Who Spiked my Drink?").

    The sooner people start to understand this then the sooner we can move on to my fascinating new topic "Organic Sausages Popular Misconceptions versus Chicken in the Blender - Para-triptical Delusions linked to Bi Polarity Genome 37 in the Red Crested East Ghanian Water Duck".

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    Any serious, as opposed to seriously disturbed, critiques?
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