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Homework Help: Probability of MCQ

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    This question isn't in a book, but I want to know the answer for myself.

    Q. If I take an MCQ test with 40 questions, each question has 4 possible answers with only one being correct, what is the probability of getting 40/40 in the test by guessing?

    I've tried solving this by doing (1/4)^40, but then I thought of doing 1/(160C40) and I got different answers. Why is that so and which is the correct way.

    Q. If I am sure of 30 questions and unsure about 10 (have to guess them), what is the probability of getting above 30 in the test.(I don't lose marks for wrong answers)
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    For the first question, (1/4)^40 is correct. Your other answer involving C(160,40) seems to assume you can select more than one answer to a single question.

    For the second question, your score will be above 30 unless you miss all 10 questions you guess at. What's the probability of that?
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