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Probability of specular reflection in Fuchs theory for copper

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    The resistivity for thin films can be obtained using Fuchs theory
    \rho = \left[1-\left(\frac{3}{2\kappa}\right)(1-p)\int_1^\infty\left(\frac{1}{t^3}-\frac{1}{t^5}\right)\frac{1-\exp(-\kappa t)}{1-p\exp(-\kappa t)}\mathrm{d}t\right]^{-1} \rho_0
    where [tex]p[/tex] is the probability that an electron will be specularly (elastically) reflected from the film surface.

    I haven't been able to find any value for [tex]p[/tex] for copper. Does anyone know of a good reference where the value could be found? What factors affect this probability?
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