Probability Problems.

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Let [tex]P(X\leq \15)= 0.3, P(15\less X \leq24)=6[/tex] and (P X > 20) = 0.5

I don't understand how I would find this probability: [tex]P(15\lessX\leq20[/tex]

The answer is 0.2.
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Are you sure you posted the problem correctly? The probability of an event cannot equal 6, first of all.
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You are correct, the problem is not posted correctly. My latex coding is lacking...I wish there were a way a could delete this post.
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Is it meant to be 0.6 by any chance? Thus, is your first equation meant to be [tex]P(X\leq \15)= 0.3,\ \ P(15< X \leq24)=0.6,\ \ P(X>20)=0.5[/tex], and you want to find [tex]P(15< X \leq20)[/tex]?

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