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Probability question Help!

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    A coin is tossed 4 times. What is the probability of getting more heads than tails? :confused:
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    Use the binomial distribution.
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    I'm guessing about 25% :confused:
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    Juvenal's suggestion is good, but I thought I'd give you an alternate way of solving the problem. What is the probability of a certain combination och heads and tails? For example: first throw you ger tail, the three following throws heads come up. Then, think about in how many such combinations you would get more heads than tails.
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    is there.. a formula for it..
    if its tossed 4 times.. and there are 2 sides..
    wouldn't it be 4 choose 2???
    if there are more H that t woudl it be HHH and T...
    i hate probability questions.. :eek:
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    Every time you throw there is 50% chance of T and 50% of H.
    So, if you throw once you have (P(x)=probability that x happens):
    1. P(H)=1/2
    2. P(T)=1/2.
    If you thow twice:
    1. P(H,H)=(1/2)*(1/2)=1/4
    2. P(H,T)=(1/2)*(1/2)=1/4
    3. P(T,H)=(1/2)*(1/2)=1/4
    4. P(T,T)=(1/2)*(1/2)=1/4
    If you throw four times there is 1/16 chance you'll get one of the 16 combination:
    1. HHHH, 2. HHHT, 3. HHTH,... etc.
    These three examples are all more Heads than Tails, how many more such combinations are there? If you can answer that, you're done.
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    I get it.. thanx.. u guys helped me graduate..(LOL).. awesome..
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