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I'm trying to solve a problem that states: Select a card from the deck. What is the probability that this card will be red? Show the number of expected outcomes versus the number of total possible outcomes. What type of event does this represent.

I know (at least I think I know) that the probability of the card being red is 1/2. But what is the expected outcome vs total possible? And what is the event type?

Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Something is wrong with the wording there. You expect 1 outcome, 1 out of a possible 52 outcomes. They might mean for the number of outcomes where the card is red. Clearly, this is 26. As for "what type of event..." you should probably look in your book, maybe they've given some definitions or classifications for types of events, and they want you to categorize this event as one of those.
This is a binomial distribution. There are two outcomes, success or failure.

Expected Value = E(x) = n*p = 1*1/2 = 1/2

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