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Probability vs determionism

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    i think both of them are kind a wrong :)

    but if i have to choose probability....
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    Could you perhaps share your reasoning as to make this discussion more fruitful?
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    determionims says that all thinsg have already happened, and what ever we do is already predicted , it makes to forgive our problems faster, but i just dont like to think that all things have already happened, and that we dont have free choice :)
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    I think about determinism a lot. I feel that with determinism things haven't already happened as you stated.

    Determinism to me just means that things that happen are unavoidable based on prior events or decisions (causes).

    It's weird to think about... sometimes though I feel its right, since we must have had a reason for making the decision for the event to occur for us. I think also though that this is impossible to refute. I'll go look that up though. It seems pretty solid to me.

    For instance if you threw a baseball and at any moment you could 'freeze time' so to speak so everything stood still except you. The next event hasn't happened yet (the next position of the baseball) but with common sense you could determine that the ball is going to keep going straight.
    Of course assuming that you were watching the ball at some point in its journey before your froze time. If you had further knowledge of the baseballs speed spin etc etc you could calculate EXACTLY where the ball was to go. No surprises here.

    Same with someones life I feel. If you mapped out a humans life all the decisions, events, etc. It would probably become very clear that there were no surprises.
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