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Probably shocking

  1. Nov 9, 2004 #1
    this place looks fun.
    i might stay.
    I'd like to ask who doesn't think there is anything outside of the universe?
    Also who doesn't think there is a creator?
    Each person then with these answers I ask finally, what is it you are doing now in your life, and is it getting you where you want to be before you die?
    for everyone: what is the point of life?

    I did very small amounts of browsing before signing on here, but it seems very friendly.

    I don't see reality as all that complex. But in order to expand on reality and its complexities I would love to be directed to the proper place.

    What are the most complex things that we can percieve and try to understand fully? what have we delved deepest into to understand complexity
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    I don't
    I don't
    I deal with events, hang out with my kids, enjoy PF, hike in the National Parks, keep healthy, and am enjoying my life. I don't have a goal except to keep engaged as long as I can. Que sera sera.
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    This is really a question of semantics to me.

    For me the words universe simply means "everything that exits". By that definition there can't be anything outside of the universe simply because everything that exists is automatically included by definition to be in the universe.

    Now if we want to talk about "physical universes" and define them by their laws of physics it may be possible that there exists places that behave differently than what we see around us. Then by this definition we can say that there might be more than one universe.

    Also, if you want to break it up into "objective universe" vs. "subjective universe" etc, etc, etc. Then answer to the question can become more complicated. Many philosophers believe that they experience is their universe. If we take that as a definition of our universe then everyone is living in a different universe to be sure!

    Again, it all comes back to the semantics of the word "universe"

    I honestly don't know. But to think that their might be doesn't answer any profound questions because the next question in line would be "Did the creator have a creator" ad infinity,…

    Realizing that the idea of a creator doesn't solve anything, and that somewhere along the line something had to exist without a creator then why not stop the buck here? I simply don't see any real reason to pass it?
    Actually I'm just waiting to die. So I can assure you that this isn't getting me where I want to be since I want to be dead.

    There are various reasons why I'm not ending my own life presently. To begin with, there are other people in my life that I care about and for me to achieve my goal would hurt them. I'm really not the type of person who likes to hurt other people and just because I would like to die doesn't mean that I don't have feelings or that I'm irresponsible to others. I have an elderly mother who depends on me for everything. I simply can't leave her to satisfy my own selfish goals. I'm just not like that.

    In the meantime I study mathematics and physics and I build robots because there are fun things to do while I wait to die.

    You got me? But if you ever find a compelling answer let me know, I'll think on it.

    How do you expand on reality? That's an interesting concept.
    Well, if you are a deep enough thinker you can just pick any topic at all. When you think that you've understood it fully just publish your results. You'll quickly discover that you didn't understand it as fully as you thought you did.

    Have fun in your journey though. I really think that probably is the ultimate purpose of life if it can be said to have a purpose at all.
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    expanding on reality defined as my own perception of reality [which looks rather simple from where i sit]

    reality as a small child is probably alot smaller than that reality that we would percieve
    hopefully it gets even bigger as time goes on. when it stops i get on metaphysical forums and ask people what I should study next....
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    "What are the most complex things that we can percieve and try to understand fully? what have we delved deepest into to understand complexity"
  7. Nov 17, 2004 #6
    To me the meaning of life is simply what you make it. No divinity... just personal satisfaction.
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