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Probably stupid question on theories.

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    Hello everyone.

    How does one get a theory "out"? Let's say I have theory, but I'm not a trained physicist. I can't write out my theory as a mathematical equation. I can simply put it in words. How can I get someone trained in physics to look at it and tell me whether I'm smoking crack, simply delusional, or possibly onto something?

    I'm completely new to this, and have no idea what one should do to get someone to look at a simple written theory.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If it can be written clearly in one or two pages, a professor at a local university would probably be willing to look it over. Or you could post it here- on the "Independent Reasarch" forum.
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    If your theory has no equations, chances are(almost positively) it is more of a philosophy paper than a physics paper. If you are genuinely interested in this stuff, I suggest you educate yourself over the course of a couple of years, or go to university.

    I'm not saying your theory is wrong, just that it won't be taken seriously if there is no math behind it.
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    Science requires proof, thats what makes it beautiful :).
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    it would be possible to illustrate the concept without equations and a formal education, but you would have to find very simple yet powerful examples, like the relativity example of the I-beam flying by a moving observer and an observer staying still.

    if you were to write a good paper outlining your theory and sent it to a professor who could help you with the finer details, i think that would work
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    yeah but things like the I beam example in SR come after the basic theory is created,

    I think your best option would be t write it down and file it away in your computer and work towards a physics degree, 4-5 years from now you can look back on it and see if it still makes sense.
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    juist tell it to anyone knowledgable and see if they say: "what %%$@***&&HIt"

    or post it here. there is an amazing number of people here willing toa ctually look at %%$@@(()&*^^!!hit theories and comment on them.
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    I have got a question first. Have you been choosing the terms 'theory' distinctively. Cause no one of those of whom seriously have come to some kind of clue will express a theory not as words and never as a mathematical equation. They had have had to think it over as it was a thought indeed worth the effort to inform others about, which get's harder and harder as the issue(s ) getting more complex. As for my experience, at the end there will not be no one providing any help. So you'll know you're right.

    I'm not wanting you to stop whatever you're doing but providing serious help.

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    That's really not an option - it would be in violation of the posting guidelines.

    The only place in PF for a personal theory is the Independent Research forum, and the theory will have to be formatted to the posting constraints mentioned there.

    Better yet, find your way up to the nearest physics department, grab a grad student heading out to get lunch, offer to buy his lunch for him, and have him look at your theory.

    Finally, I'd recommend you do not spend time developing theories until you are completely aware of all the existing literature in the area of your theory. In the very best case, someone may have already published exactly what you want to say. How would you know unless you are fully informed on the published literature?
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    or he can just make a post in general physics entitled "Does this make sense?"

    Really, we should control the rules, the rules shouldn't control us. If it's impossible to make a valid post inquiring about physics because of over-restrictive rules, it means they need to be scrapped
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    yeah... even though i'm sure alot of us here would love to read it, some of the moderators might meet it with some hostility and deem it homegrown crackpottery so i would recommend against that until you have more written support

    however, theres nothing wrong with putting it somewhere else and hinting in a thread that we should look at it ;]
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