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Homework Help: Probality easy question

  1. Dec 28, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone,
    I just would like to be reassured about simple probability question:

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A device is composed by two fragile pieces
    during the warranty period the probability that:
    -none is broken is 0,25
    -both are broken is 0,25
    -only one is broken is 0,25
    If one piece is broken then the probability that it costs
    -100$ is 1/2
    -300$ is 1/3
    -600$ is 1/6
    What is the probability that the reparation costs 900$ ?

    3. The attempt of a solution

    - P = ( probability that both pieces are broken that the first costs 600$, the second 300$ and the first costs 300$ and the second 600$ )
    = ( 0,25 * 1/3 * 1/6 ) * 2

    Do you agree with me ?

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