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Probality questions

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    i have having with the question i have attached. can someone please help me?

    :smile: thank you.

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    What have YOU done on these problems? Where are you stuck?

    They look pretty much like applying basic definitions and a little arithmetic.
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    i tried these questions but i get odd answers.

    like for the first bit i got 2. which i dnt think is right?

    can anyone verify the answers.
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    For the "first bit" you got 2"?? You are aware that a probability must be between 0 and 1, aren't you?

    Once again, what have you done on these problems? Not just what answer you got- what have you tried? It will be a lot easier to point out mistakes or give hints if we can see what you are doing.
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    ok i have redone my calculations . for part a) i calculated the possibilities for outcomes.

    spinner 1 probality of it landing on A is 2/5 and the probality of it landing on B is 2/5 also.

    spinner 2 probality of it landing on A is 3/5 and the probality of it landing on B is 1/5.

    it is impossible for both of them to land on C or D because not both spinner have these two letters.

    i thereafter multiply the outcomes of A and multiplied the outcomes of B. i then added these two values together.

    A(2/5*3/5) = 6/25
    B(2/5*1/5) = 2/25

    then i added 6/25+2/25= 8/25 which equals to 0.32.

    therefore my answer is 0.32. is this correct?

    part b) i firstly calculated the total amount of money which is 0.40*200= £80.

    then i calculated the amount of people that should win which is 200*0.32= 64. therefore the profit amy should expect is £80-£64= £16

    is this correct?

    thanks for your help so far.

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