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Homework Help: Problem about factorization

  1. Sep 7, 2015 #1
    • Originally posted in a technical math section
    It is a problem found on IB math SL book:

    The two perpendicular sides of a right-angled triangle have lengths x+2 and 5x-3, the hypotenuse has length 4x+1, Find X.

    In the answer section, it says X is either 2/5 or 3.

    I tried a lot, -> i arrived to 10x^2 - 18x -12= 0
    Later i used quadractic formula and imy result is totally different to the answers given by the book,. My process should be wrong. I would like to see someone do the complete process so i can notice my error. Please!! Currently studying for IB exam
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    I get the same answers.
    Check your arithmetic. Your 2nd and 3rd terms are wrong.
    No, we aren't going to work the problem for you -- that is against forum rules. Show the work you did to get your equation, and we'll point out where you went wrong, and steer you in the right direction.
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    It looks like you made a mistake in getting that quadratic equation.

    Try your answers and the book's answers in the given length formulas.
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    Didnt know that! thanks. At least you showed me the error. I will try again then
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    Hmm looks like i got error in doing (4x+1)^2 and did wrong in operation. thanks everyone. No need to respond this thread anymore. It was 10x^2 -34x +12=0
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