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Problem for me

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    well hello
    i have these two questions which is giving a lot of problem can some one help me out.

    i have this function
    y = min(|x|,|x-1|,|x+1|)
    how do we find point where this function is not differentiable and continous.
    how dow we evaluate min(.....)

    [x+1.5]= [x +[sinx + [x + cosx]]]
    how do we solve this [] represents greatest integer function.
    x is and Integer.

    thank you
    Maths freak
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    Write y in a form that is easier to interpret.
    Notice that:
    y=|x+1|, for x <= -0.5
    y=|x|, for -0.5 < x < 0.5
    y=|x-1|, for x >= 0.5

    You can graph this function for a better picture.
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