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Homework Help: Problem from Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students - 5ed

  1. Jan 11, 2014 #1
    Hello to all ,

    I need your help again , if you can .

    My question is about a problem / exercise book solved Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students - 5ed , example 20.4 .

    So the problem this section supports a vertical load of 10kN and the objective is to calculate the flow section in FIG .

    The areas of booms are: B1 = B8 = 200mm ^ 2 B2 = B7 = 250mm ^ 2 B3 = B6 = 400mm ^ 2 B4 = B5 = 100mm ^ 2


    Solving we have:

    The shear flow is given by :


    But given that the section is symmetrical , the value of Ixy = 0 and as we have no strength x then Sx = 0, so the expression is :


    And Ixx = 13.86 * 10 ^ 4 ^ 6 mm

    The above equation becomes:


    Cutting the bar in section 23 , we can calculate the shear flow in the sections :


    And now we have a serious problem :

    I do not know how to calculate the moments that appear in the image below :


    The expected value of qs , 0 result is : qs , 0 = -5.4N/mm in the counterclockwise direction , as can be seen in the image below .


    Things to know :
    The value of 97200 refers to the internal area of ​​the figure :
    The 2 refers to the symmetry of the bars and the rest do not know .

    All help is welcome.

    Hug and Thanks
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