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Problem:help my bus is on a cliff

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    ok i have a problem, the bus im on is on a cliff, with both wheels on the ground, and im asked which way do i need to walk to so i dont die. well i know that i need to walk towards the danger side of the bus because for instance if you are on a giant skateboard and you walk on it it moves the opposite direction. howver i need my answer to be in terms of physics and formula and whatnot, what are the principals that explain this? help me if u can. thanks
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    It's like a scale. If you want to live you'd better walk
    towards the side that rests, or will rest once you get there,
    on the cliff's edge rather than the one that's hanging in the
    air. Then you jump off quickly (though that depends on whether
    it is your bus and if so - how much it cost you ).
    I hope you didn't do what you said you should !
    You still there ?!
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    It's conservation of momentum, not conservation of mass...

    Considering the relative difference in masses between you and the bus, I don't think the reaction from your movement would be really significant...
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    exacly what i was thinking.
    If that were to happen, then the same would happen to the earth if you were walking on it. But even if you had all the people in the world walking in the same direction, the earths movment would be to small to notice.
    Yeah, so you need not worry about that to much. Even a giant scateboard wouldnt move to much(depending on its mass)

    I can't understand the situation, the buses 2 wheels are on the cround..but buses have a minimum of 4 wheels.
    If it were four, then you shouldnt worry unless you are on a slant..then its bad and not much you can do.
    If its to wheels, the remaining two must be over the clif, in this case - the must is acting like a leaver. To if you move towards the dangerside, there is more weigth pushing the bus off the cliff. So move to the safe side and the mus will become more stable.
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